Slike iz sjećanja (1989) AKA Pictures from Memory


With fast changing visuals and moods, an artist presents his family’s twentieth-century story. Although Stalin’s sour image is in the background, a boy’s childhood is a dreamlike world of colors and a butterfly. War interrupts youth and romance. Hitler, concentration camps, and conflagration finally give way to a mother and child (father is missing in the war), birds, beauty and more butterflies. The child grows. Pop culture arrives from America, but the grim shadow of Stalinism remains. The artist leaves to study in the West. Art, animation, sex, and love nourish him. He earns a diploma!

Director: Nedeljko Dragic. AKA Pictures from Memory.
Writer: Nedeljko Dragic.
Cinematographer: Radoslav Pazameta.
Composer: Tomislav Simovic (as Tomica Simovic).
Animator: Nedeljko Dragic.


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