The Stars Are Singing (1953)


After she enters the United States illegally, 15-year-old Polish singer Katri Walenska finds herself under the wing of aspiring singer Terry Brennan. Soon Terry has Katri booked on a TV talent show — but her immigration status may cause a problem. This musical classic boasts a host of famous performers, including Metropolitan Opera star Lauritz Melchior. 

Director: Norman Taurog.
Writers: Paul Hervey Fox (story), Liam O’Brien.
Stars: Rosemary Clooney, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Lauritz Melchior, Bob Williams, Tommy Morton, Fred Clark, John Archer, Mikhail Rasumny, Lloyd Corrigan, Don Wilson, Otto Waldis, Henry Guttman, Paul E. Burns, Freeman Lusk, Red Dust.
Cinematographer: Lionel Lindon.
Composer: Victor Young.


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