Satiemania (1978)


The fauna of the megalopolis, the jungle of the supermarket, the bedlam of brothels and bars, the effect of the bars in the fog, the swaying ears of corn, the swaying of men hanging from the gallows, the ripple of water – seen by the eye of the animator in harmony and conflict and accompanied by the satirical, mocking, but sometimes pure lyrical music of Erik Satie.

Director: Zdenko Gasparovic.
Writer: Zdenko Gasparovic.
Composer: Erik Satie.
Animators: Zdenko Gasparovic, Zvonimir Delac, Mirko Fodor, Juan Japl (as Janez Japl), Zdenko Ricijas, Branislav Teslic.

1978 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films – Grand Prize Winner.


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