September 21, 2021 / Thriller
August 14, 2021 / Arthouse
July 1, 2021 / Drama

A guard prevents the inmate’s escape from the prison. During his second attempt, the inmate decides to save the guard’s life who had fallen into the river while trying to catch him. Since the guard’s job is now to keep an eye on him in the cell, they spend a lot time together and their hatred turns into a sincere friendship. Now the guard wants to help the inmate to escape again…

April 24, 2021 / Drama
April 24, 2021 / Drama

Rados is a young man who lives in the provinces of Yugoslavia and who has his heart set on becoming a great pianist making music for humanity, and nothing less than that. His companions at the Belgrade Academy of Music are not beset by the same economic deprivation as Rados, and they spend their time in effete pursuits, romantic liaisons, parties, and generally egocentric behavior. Rados’ simmering anger starts to heat up when he sees the enormous gap between the pretensions of the students and the nature of brilliantly composed music.

April 14, 2021 / Experimental

Gratinirani mozak Pupilije Ferkeverk is a short experiment as weird and extravagant as its incomprehensible title. Brains, made in collaboration with an avant-garde theatre troupe by the name of Pupilija Ferkeverk, can be viewed as a recording of a carefully constructed performance, a spontaneous ritual or simply a bunch of longhaired, sea-hugging naturists tripping, as a passionate plea in favour of individuality and freedom and an angry cry against any kind of authority.

March 6, 2021 / Family
February 3, 2021 / Animation