December 26, 2020 / Experimental

Bressane created an imaginary encounter between three 20th-century geniuses, in which he portrayed the composer Lamartine Babo (a role by Caetano Veloso), the revolutionary author Oswald De Andrade and subversive reporter Joao Do Rio. Imaginative film comprises a mixture of erudite and popular elements.

November 20, 2020 / Drama

In 1650, a group of Brazilian slaves revolt and escape from their sugar plantation to the depths of the jungle, where they join other runaways. Under the leadership of Ganga Bumba, the men are able to carve out a place to live, repelling attempts by their Portuguese masters to recapture them. The community is further strengthened by the return of Zumbi, kidnapped from them as a child, who comes back to command their military.

May 17, 2020 / Drama

The story concerns a young man living at home, André, whose ideas are radically different from those of his farmer father. The father advocates order and restraint, which enhance his own power under the guise of family love. The son seeks freedom and pleasure, exemplified in his passion for his sister Ana. When André moves to a seedy boarding house, his older brother Pedro, is asked by their mother to bring him back. His return, however, will shatter the family’s insular life.

March 29, 2020 / Arthouse
February 25, 2020 / Horror

José Mojica Marins, a director of horror films about the diabolical Coffin Joe, is spending Christmas with friends. Household members go violently mad for no reason: first grandpa, then the hosts’ daughters, one of whom, Vilma, is about to get married. Mojica discovers that Vilma’s mother made a pact with a witch in order to become pregnant with Vilma, promising this first-born child to Satan; her impending marriage to a human is stirring up things supernatural. It what seems like a dream, Mojica enters a bacchanal in which an entranced Vilma is about to wed to Satan’s son; the master of ceremonies is none other than Coffin Joe. Can Mojica defeat his own creation and save Vilma?

February 24, 2020 / Drama
February 13, 2020 / Arthouse
February 13, 2020 / Film Noir

Tormented and scared girl escapes from being hit at night on a barren road. The driver rescues and shelters her in a mansion belonging to his mistress. He discovers that she is running away from a psychotic husband, and due to the gracious assistance, falls madly in love with her. When the caretaker of the mansion discovers a ransom offered for who find the young woman, he tells her whereabouts to the husband, who ruthlessly pursues their victim.