O espírito da TV (1990) AKA The Spirit of TV


Beginning with the arrival by canoe of a TV and VCR in their village, The Spirit of TV documents the emotions and thoughts of the Waiãpi as they first encounter their own TV images and those of others. They view a tape from their chief’s first trip to Brasilia to speak to the government, news broadcasts, and videos on other Brazilian native peoples. The tape translates the opinions of individual Waiãpi on the power of images, the diversity of native peoples, and native peoples’ common struggles with federal agents, goldminers, trappers and loggers.

Director: Vincent Carelli.
Writer: Dominique Gallois.
Cinematographer: Vincent Carelli.


Download in MP4 (Encoded w/Eng. hardsubs)

      Download in MKV (Src. file w/Eng. & Spa softsubs)

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  1. Estanislao Plasini
    November 20, 2023

    This is great, a really nice copy with good subtitles! Thanks! Could you, by any chance, put up any other films from Video in the Villages?

    • Jon W.
      November 20, 2023

      Thanks, Estanislao, I love your work! I’m subbed to your Youtube channel, thanks a lot for everything you do, especially subbing all those wonderful Argentine films from scratch! ❤️
      I’ll try to find some more, this one I bought it myself from Vimeo but looks like there’s others available on other sites like Kanopy although I’m pretty sure those won’t have Spanish subtitles maybe only English subs, were you interested only in Spanish subbed copies or English subbed copies are good for you also? There’s over 30 films to choose from Vídeo nas Aldeias catalog on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/search/ondemand?q=V%C3%ADdeo%20nas%20Aldeias%20 not all of them have subtitles some are only subtitled in Portuguese but there’s quite a few subbed in English, Spanish and other languages as well, I can’t be spending any more money on rentals atm but maybe in the future I’ll be able to buy and rip some more 🙂

  2. Estanislao Plasini
    November 23, 2023

    Hi Jon,
    thanks for the kind words. I’m every bit as much a fan of the work you do here, it’s made for lots of discoveries for me from all over the place. And thanks for the info on where to find the Video nas Aldeias films. I use them in the classroom, so usually I need English subs, but sometimes Spanish works. The short ones with Portuguese subs I can resubtitle in English, but now that the pandemic is over that’s become more difficult. I’ll check out the sources you list. Thanks again for what you do here, it’s a fantastic place for movie fiends.

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