Nem Tudo e Verdade (1985) AKA It's Not All True


A fictional account of Orson Welles’ real passage to Brazil where he was supposed to film a cultural film called “It’s All True”, to present a positive image of Brazilian people and the country’s grandiosity’s to the U.S. government, a project that was part of FDR’s Good Neighbor policy. But Welles got enchanted with everything around him and got distracted from the project, that never got fully made. This movie speculates what really happened to Welles that prevented him from fulfilling his work.

Director: Rogério Sganzerla. AKA It’s Not All True
Writer: Rogério Sganzerla.
Stars: Arrigo Barnabé, Grande Otelo, Helena Ignez, Nina de Pádua, Mariana de Moraes, Vânia Magalhães, Abrahão Farc, Otávio Terceiro, José Marinhno, Geraldo Francisco, Mário Cravo Júnior, Nonato Freire.
Cinematographers: Edson Batista, Victor Diniz, Carlos Ebert, José Medeiros, Edson Santos, Afonso Viana.
Composer: João Gilberto.


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  1. October 18, 2023

    What a find for Welles completists such as myself. Thanks, John!

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