Forever (1991) AKA Per sempre


Marcello Rondi is a very rich Brazilian who is found dying in his apartment. Her daughter Berenice is not convinced that it is a heart attack, and she begins to investigate the matter.

Director: Walter Hugo Khouri.
Writers: André Brassard, Michel Tremblay.
Stars: Ben Gazzara, Eva Grimaldi, Gloria Scola, Janet Agren, Corinne Cléry, Vera Fischer, Cecil Thiré, Ana Paula Arósio, John Herbert, Carlos Koppa, Renato Master, Pedro Paulo Hatheyer, Claudio Curi, Erika Fujiara.
Cinematographer: Antonio Meliande, Antonio Nardi.
Composer: José Carlos Prandini (as Josse Carlos Brandino), Carlo Rustichelli, Paolo Rustichelli.


With hardcoded subtitles in Portuguese.

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