Babfilm (1975) AKA Scenes with Beans


“Puppeteers are the nightmares of markets and stalls. They don’t ask for two kilos of beans, rather they select from 200 kg according to colour and size,” wrote the director in revealing some back-stage secrets to the filmmaking in October 1975. This brilliantly executed animation played with individual beans documents the world of this planet’s residents from the point of view of an extra-terrestrial being, who is witness to the brutal suppression of a workers’ strike by the police. The film is another stop motion object animation hallmarked by Ottó Foky and based on screenplays by József Nepp. The film was shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1978.

Director: Ottó Foky. AKA Scenes with Beans
Writer: József Nepp.
Cinematographers: Ottmár Bayer, János Tóth.
Composer: Zsolt Pethõ.
Animators: Ferenc Cakó, Annamária Zoltán, Ottó Foky (designer).


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