Ruby (1992)


An exploration of certain conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination from Jack Ruby’s perspective. Ruby owns a run-down strip club in Dallas, and does what he can for credibility, both by giving information to the FBI and by doing the odd favor for his mafia contacts. When hitman Action Jackson is hit, Louie Vitali asks him to help get crime boss Santos out of a Cuban jail. When they get back, the bosses take his headliner Candy Cane under their wing to develop her career in Vegas. A mysterious government man named Maxwell expresses his displeasure to Ruby over his Cuban activities. Slowly all the pieces of a massive conspiracy begin to emerge to Ruby, who can do nothing to stop it.

Director: John Mackenzie.
Writer: Stephen Davis (play & screenplay).
Stars: Danny Aiello, Sherilyn Fenn, Tobin Bell, Joseph Cortese, Arliss Howard, Richard C. Sarafian, Leonard Termo, David Duchovny, Carmine Caridi, Marc Lawrence, Joe Viterelli, John Roselius, Willie Garson, Frank Orsatti, Jeffrey Nordling, Veronica Hart, Maurice Benard, Robert S. Telford, Louis Eppolito, J. Marvin Campbell, Tony Conforti, Joe Pecoraro, Joey DePinto, Steven Elkins, Richard Emanuelle, Gérard David, Patrick Jude, Willie Garson, John Solari, Scott Lawrence, Cody Glenn, Mike Lundy, Jim Ryan, Bill Seward, Kevin Wiggins, Mary Chris Wall, Sean McGraw, Terri Zee, David Steen, Ron De Roxtra, Alan Ackles, Bob Hess, Jay Dowd, Tina Rucker, Rodger Boyce, James Healy Jr., Brad Leland, Jim Brewer, Wirt Cain, Ritch Brinkley, Tim Green, Norman Bennett.
Cinematographer: Phil Meheux.
Composer: John Scott.


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    February 12, 2024

    I think this is miscategorized as country of origin Japan

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