June 23, 2022 / Thriller

In her brother’s apartment where he died, Yuki finds a vacuum cleaner with its cord still hooked up to the outlet. She discovers that the circumstances surrounding her brother’s supposed suicide are sketchy at best, yet no one has any answers. When she starts having hallucinations involving his ghost, however, she seeks some psychological help, eventually uncovering some things that she may have wished she’d left covered.

June 22, 2022 / Drama

The first of Kawashima’s Daiei Studio collaborations with Wakao centers on the life of a Tokyo geisha named Koen and her relationships with various men. Starting out with no singing or dancing talents, the young, free-spirited Koen is initially eager to please and happy to do what she is told. With time and experience, however, she gradually begins to notice a change in herself and questions what she wants out of life. Played with subtle shifts in emotion, Wakao’s delicate performance earned her the Kinema Junpo Award and Blue Ribbon Award for Best Actress.

June 16, 2022 / Drama

The hero is Toshio Kanbe, a middle-aged salaryman with a typical family (wife, two teenage children), living quietly in a provincial city (Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture), who wakes up one morning in the summer of 1994 to find himself the prime suspect in the biggest mass-murder case of the decade. Someone, somehow, released clouds of poison gas that killed seven and sickened nearly 600 people in his apartment building and neighborhood.

May 17, 2022 / Drama

Brian Anderson is an Army medic serving in Vietnam during the war who begins his service with an attitude of looking out only for himself. But to fulfill a promise to a friend who was killed in action, Brian agrees to work in a local orphanage. He gradually becomes so devoted to the children there that he risks his life and career in order to protect them.

May 5, 2022 / Arthouse

Hani Susumu’s Inferno of First Love, is a brilliant, unforgettable, and sensitive film. Working from a script by playwright, and experimental filmmaker, Terayama Shuji, Hani’s film captures Shun, an orphan, who falls in love with a pretty young nude model named Nanami, with his sexual inadequacies, problem childhood, and coming of age. Examining Shun, we see the reality of child molestation, with deep scars that ripple into adulthood, exposing the twin monsters of repression and inadequacy looming overhead. Shun’s complex relationship with his parents, Nanami, and a young girl named Momi he befriends, eventually lead to disaster, as society closes in, so does fate.

May 2, 2022 / Drama
April 14, 2022 / Drama

Wakako, who runs a traditional restaurant in Tokyo, once had her portrait painted by an itinerant artist named “Goro” when she was a young girl living in China. Having treasured the painting for so many years, she decides to bring it to a Ginza art gallery in hopes of finding the long lost artist, but with his signature as her only lead the search initially goes nowhere. That is until she meets an unusual florist named Coney who helps her to uncover Goro’s true identity.

March 24, 2022 / Cult