Dakan (1997) AKA Destiny


This first feature film on homosexuality from sub-Saharan Africa is a contemporary African reinterpretation of the age-old Romeo and Juliet conflict between love and social convention. When Sori and Manga tell their parents they are in love, they respond that, “It’s impossible; since time began, it’s never happened. Boys don’t do that.

Director: Mohamed Camara (as Mohamed Camara). AKA Destiny
Writers: Muhammad Camara (as Mohamed Camara).
Stars: Tetsurô Tanba, Shima Iwashita, Takamaru Sasaki, Kinuko Obata, Jin Nakayama, Yoshi Katô, Taketoshi Naitô, Nobuo Kaneko, Ayako Hôshô, Eiji Okada, Yôko Minamida, Nobuko Tashiro, Tetsuo Ishidate, Mikijirô Hira, Hiroshi Akutagawa, Kakuko Motoyama, Minori Terada, Kaori Shima.
Cinematographer: Gilberto Azevedo.
Composer: Kouyate Sory ‘Douga’ Kandia.


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  1. March 11, 2024

    I’m leaving a comment to see if the downloadable mp4 link could be re-uploaded to so the film could be downloaded?

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