Rose of Cimarron (1952)


A white red-haired girl has been raised by the Cherokee Indians after her family was massacred. She considers herself a Native American and she regards all whites as her enemies. Her feelings are justified when outlaws kill her Indian parents. Realizing she can’t seek vengeance alone; she grudgingly accepts the help of white marshal Hollister and is now called the ‘Rose of Cimmarron’.

Director: Harry Keller.
Writer: Maurice Geraghty.
Stars: Jack Buetel, Mala Powers, Bill Williams, Jim Davis, Dick Curtis, Lane Bradford, William Phipps, Bob Steele, Alex Gerry, Lillian Bronson, Art Smith, Monte Blue, Argentina Brunetti, Irving Bacon, Tom Monroe, George Chandler, John Doucette, Tommy Cook, William Schallert, Wade Crosby, Kenneth MacDonald, Byron Foulger.

Cinematographer: Karl Struss.
Composers: Edward L. Alperson Jr., Raoul Kraushaar, Mort Glickman (uncredited).


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