Dove si spara di più (1967) [English dub] AKA Fury of Johnny Kid / Ultimate Gunfighter


Two family clans have always been enemies; they spend their time hating and killing each other. The daughter of the Campos family and the son of the Mounter family fall in love, thus causing further hatred and deaths.

Director: Gianni Puccini. AKA Fury of Johnny Kid / Ultimate Gunfighter
Writers: Bruno Baratti (story), María del Carmen Martínez Román (story & screenplay).
Stars: Peter Lee Lawrence, Cristina Galbó, Andrés Mejuto, Piero Lulli, Peter Martell, Ángel Álvarez, Luis Induni, Ana María Noé, Rufino Inglés, Pepe Rubio, Luciano Catenacci, Eulalia Tenorio, Javier de Rivera, Mirella Pamphili, María Cuadra, Paolo Magalotti, Franco Pasquetto, Sandalio Hernández.
Cinematographer: Mario Montuori.
Composer: Gino Peguri.


 Download in MP4 (576p Encode)

   Download in MKV (1080p Src. file)

Many thanks to alomaco78 @CG for the excellent fandub job. Italian WS HD print synched with English audio.

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