Wild and Wooly (1978)


In this western adventure set in 1903, four imprisoned cowgirls bust out and begin trailing a famed Irish killer who is planning to assassinate President Teddy Roosevelt. Along the way, the foursome encounter many exciting adventures.

Director: Philip Leacock.
Writer: Earl W. Wallace.
Stars: Susan Bigelow, Elyssa Davalos, Doug McClure, David Doyle, Ross Martin, Vic Morrow, Paul Burke, Jessica Walter, Sherry Bain, Charles Siebert, Med Flory, Robert J. Wilke, Kenneth Tobey, Eugene Butler, Joan Crosby, Wayne Grace, James Carroll, Bill Smillie, Borah Silver, Mark Withers, Josef Rainer, Jacquelyn Gaschen, Owen Bush, Arthur Monde, Stephen Blood.
Cinematographer: Jack Swain.
Composer: Charles Bernstein.


Quality is poor but watchable, if anyone out there has a better copy please contact me. Thank you!

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