La petite vendeuse de soleil (1999) AKA The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun


Mambéty describes what would be his final film as “a hymn to the courage of street children,” but like all of his works, it is also a hymn to Senegal, to post-colonial Africa and to resourceful visionaries like the courageous girl of the title. Undaunted by poverty or handicap, the young Sili Laam leaves her blind grandmother begging in the street to seek out a better existence for them both. As the only female newspaper seller, she encounters constant obstacles along the way, yet reacts by simply standing up for herself and others. Nonchalantly fighting for equality and justice, Sili’s courage and resilience are depicted with a mix of joy and hardship, but no saccharine.

Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty. AKA The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun.
Writer: Djibril Diop Mambéty.
Stars: Lissa Balera, Moussa Baldé, Aminata Fall, Dieynaba Laam, Tayerou M’Baye, Martin N’Gom, Oumou Samb.


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