Don’t Cry, It’s Only Thunder (1982)


Brian Anderson is an Army medic serving in Vietnam during the war who begins his service with an attitude of looking out only for himself. But to fulfill a promise to a friend who was killed in action, Brian agrees to work in a local orphanage. He gradually becomes so devoted to the children there that he risks his life and career in order to protect them.

Director: Peter Werner.
Writer: Paul G. Hensler.
Stars: Dennis Christopher, Susan Saint James, Roger Aaron Brown, Robert Englund, James Whitmore Jr., Lisa Lu, Shere Thu Thuy, Travis Swords, Mai Thi Lien, Truong Minh Hai, Ken Metcalfe, Marie Ashton, Robert Howland, Paul G. Hensler, Wynne Wicker, Paquito Salcedo, Ronald Sully, Tom Joyner, Ronald Orso.


Many, many thanks to the very kind and generous Alex (@TheDukeMitchell) for the huge help buying and digitizing this film on VHS so that we could have it here in good viewing quality. The only copy of this film online is of very poor quality as you can see here so this copy is quite an upgrade even if it’s also sourced from VHS, thanks again, Alex 🙂 

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