Eyewitness (1981)


New York City custodian Daryll Deever is a big fan of local news reporter Tony Sokolow, so he is intrigued when she shows up to cover a story at his workplace. There’s been a murder in the office building, and Tony suspects that Daryll may have insight into the crime, a notion that he furthers to stay close to her. However, when those behind the killing begin to think that Daryll really knows something, they target both him and Tony to keep their secrets hidden.

Director: Peter Yates.
Writer: Steve Tesich.
Stars: Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, James Woods, Christopher Plummer, Irene Worth, Pamela Reed, Albert Paulsen, Kenneth McMillan, Morgan Freeman, Alice Drummond, Sharon Chatten, Chao Li Chi, Keone Young, Dennis Sakamoto, Henry Yuk, Mikhail Bogin, Moshe Geffen, Jo Davidson, Bill Mazer, John Roland, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Milton Zane, Richard Murphy, Dow McKeever, Jhoe Breedlove, Kimmy Wong, Alex Rosa, Mark Burns, Iris Whitney.


RIP William Hurt (1950-2022).

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  1. P
    March 20, 2022

    R.I.P. William Hurt

  2. Maurice Grizzard
    October 18, 2022

    Absolutely a fanatic for this movie back in the day. David Denby of New York Magazine said it was “splendid.” I remember that word after all these years. But the movie disappeared without a trace and is now on Rarefilmm.com. Watch this movie!

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