Billy Galvin (1986)


Lenny Von Dohlen plays Billy Galvin, the son of a no-nonsense construction worker (Karl Malden). Though his dad insists that he go to college to become an architect, Billy would rather go into his father’s line of work. To prevent this, dad pulls strings to keep Billy out of the ironworker’s union. His bullheadedness inevitably leads to ill-will and emotional disaster. Produced for PBS’ American Playhouse TV series, Billy Galvin was afforded a very brief theatrical run.

Director: John Gray.
Writer: John Gray.
Stars: Karl Malden, Lenny von Dohlen, Joyce Van Patten, Toni Kalem, Keith Szarabajka, Alan North, Paul Guilfoyle, Barton Heyman, Lynne Charnay, Steve Sweeney, Maryann Stackpole, David M. Brezniak, Mara Clark, Denis O’Gorman, Daybreak, Paul Cullen, Paul Tansino, John ‘Max’ Maxner, Bob Daguardia, Robert Torres, Pedro Kuperman.

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