Category: Mini-Series

December 25, 2023 / Mini-Series

Between 1798 and 1812, the wild, romantic country of the English Lake District saw an intense concentrated flowering of literary genius. At its centre was the poet William Wordsworth, born in the region, who lived there almost all his life with his beloved sister Dorothy. Around him, as the genius of the age, gathered other poets and writers – Robert Southey, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Thomas de Quincey. This idiosyncratic two-part mini-series, conceived by acclaimed director Ken Russell, concentrates on the relationship between William and Dorothy, and the battle with laudanum faced by Coleridge.

October 13, 2023 / Biography

Set in 1894, when Oscar Wilde’s close friendship with Bosie Douglas provokes a quarrel with Bosie’s father, Lord Queensberry. Oscar eventually charges Lord Queensberry with criminal libel. However, the libel suit spectacularly backfires. This BBC miniseries charts the steady slide into disrepute of the notable author and playwright, and stars (a very young) Michael Gambon in the title role.

October 13, 2023 / Mini-Series

The plot concerns a driven career woman returning to Australia from New York to make her mark in the world of fashion design. Tessa returns home to Melbourne to establish her own label while battling her devious younger sister, the mob, and a slew of other enemies including an alcoholic competitor, a stalker, drug dealers, jealous wives, corrupt police, and militant unions. Tessa also juggles love affairs with a married Australian businessman who may be a gangster, an American photographer, and a hot-tempered Irish thug, in between surviving various attempts on her life and investigating the “accidental” death of her father.

October 13, 2023 / Documentary

Documentary about The Hamptons, an area in the eastern part of Long Island (New York), famous for being a vacation spot for the wealthiest Americans: a place where wealthy families can spend the summer and weekends by the beach.

December 20, 2022 / Mini-Series

Sial IV is a French TV miniseries by Greek filmmaker and writer Adonis Kyrou, adapted from the speculative fiction novel Deadly Image (AKA The Uncertain Midnight) by British author Edmund Cooper. It tells the story of Denis Lange, a fallout shelter engineer who is accidentally trapped in suspended animation as war breaks out in 1970, only to awaken in the early 2100s in Sial IV, an underground city in which humankind lives a life of leisure, having discharged all responsibility to androids. Assigned the android Diana as his personal assistant, Denis ventures through this unsettling idyll, eventually finding a small but tenacious group of resistors who seek to uncover the truth about the compound and its ruler, the mysterious Machiavelli.

March 10, 2022 / Biography

This mini-series looks at the early years of America’s most dashing president from his early childhood through his nomination for Congress. Based on Nigel Hamilton’s New York Times best-selling biography, JFK: Reckless Youth follows a young Kennedy as he makes the decisions that will shape his future: 35th President of the United States. Mischievous college student, competitive younger brother of Joe Jr., overseas traveller, Dutch journalist Inga Arvad’s lover, and commander of PT 109, this critically-acclaimed miniseries is a vivid, rich portrait of a President in the making.

October 20, 2021 / Mini-Series

A television adaptation of Eugene O’Neil’s classic American drama of love, revenge, murder and suicide. Set against the backdrop of a small New England town, it is a post-Civil War saga of a fictionalized family in a sometimes idealized, other times reflected version of O’Neill’s own life and family.

November 19, 2020 / Mini-Series

While the prestigious Cannes Film Festival goes on around him, American movie producer Jesse Craig struggles to develop a pitch-worthy thriller about a terrorist plot. Before long, Craig becomes concerned that a shocking act of real-life terrorism already may be underway. Meanwhile, radical actor Bret Easton works in cahoots with a group of extremists to coordinate the hijacking of a trio of passenger planes in a devastating, multi-city nuclear attack.