Flair (1990)


The plot concerns a driven career woman returning to Australia from New York to make her mark in the world of fashion design. Tessa returns home to Melbourne to establish her own label while battling her devious younger sister, the mob, and a slew of other enemies including an alcoholic competitor, a stalker, drug dealers, jealous wives, corrupt police, and militant unions. Tessa also juggles love affairs with a married Australian businessman who may be a gangster, an American photographer, and a hot-tempered Irish thug, in between surviving various attempts on her life and investigating the “accidental” death of her father.

Director: Henri Safran.
Writers: Alan Hopgood, Paul Davies (idea) (uncredited), Gay Hopgood (idea) (uncredited).
Stars: Heather Thomas, Andrew Clarke, James Healey, Imogen Annesley, Rowena Wallace, Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, Elaine Smith, David Reyne, Joseph Bottoms, Briony Behets, Neela Dey, Terence Donovan, Joanne Canning, Marie-Therese Byrne, Janne Foster, Randall Berger, Brian Adams, Khym Lam, Stewart Faichney, John Lee, James Patrick Reed, Judith Graham, Richard Moss, Sam Brown, Quentin MacLaine, Wally Dalton, Christine Harris, Adrian M. Barnes, Des Connors, Alan Hopgood, Chris Peters, Davini Malcolm, Patrick Anthony, Guy Hudson, Geoffrey O’Connell, Warwick Randall, Libby Higgs, Sergio G., Carol Muir, Bob Mitchelson, John Derek, Barbara Jungwirth, Francis Andrews, Dejeune Anderson, Tanya Barrett, Natasha Weber, Jenni Martin, Shantell Marthinussen, Wendy Richards, Melissa Grey, Roger Needler, Andrew Rouch, Tereza Loizou, Maurice Hughes, Peter Brown, Gary Day, Jeffery Richards.
Cinematographer: Nino Gaetano Martinetti.
Composer: Frank Stangio.



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