Hinekaro Goes On a Picnic and Blows Up Another Obelisk (1995)


This short, written and directed by Christine Parker (Channelling Baby) takes an allegorical look at the creative process. A writer has a korero with a trickster spirit guide Hinekaro (voiced by Rena Owen), and conjures worlds from the words she inks on a page. In her imaginative struggles she’s visited by a ruru owl and her younger self, and other creatures are brought strikingly to life via special effects (beetles from a book, an eel hiding in a toilet bowl). Hinekaro was adapted from a 1991 short story by Booker Prize-winner Keri Hulme.

Director: Christine Parker.
Writers: Keri Hulme (short story), Christine Parker.
Stars: Rita Te Wiata, Rena Owen, Minette Meder, George Boyle, Glynis Paraha, Ian Harrop, Shayne Radford.
Cinematographer: Simon Raby.
Composer: Peter Scholes.


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Language: English | Subtitles: None

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