Mr. Sycamore (1975)


An unusual but affectionate story of a man’s longing for his ideal of peace and serenity. A postman and part-time poet is inspired by the Greek legend of the two elderly guards at Jupiter’s temple who are transformed into beautiful trees. His wife has him committed when he stands in his backyard awaiting the same metamorphosis to take place. With the help of a friendly librarian, he escapes in a milk truck during a violent storm.

Director: Pancho Kohner.
Writers: Ketti Frings & Pancho Kohner (screenplay), Ketti Frings (play), Robert Ayre (story).
Stars: Jason Robards, Sandy Dennis, Jean Simmons, Robert Easton, Mark Miller, Brenda Smith, Richard Bull, Ian Wolfe, David Osterhout, Lou Picetti, Jerome Thor, Curtis Taylor, Paul Berini, Eddie Lewis, Sydna Scott, Richard Redd, Ron D’Ippolito, Darby Hinton, Hall Brock, Tawna Nugent, Janine Johnson, Walter Scott, Lance Cremer, Evert Smith, Don Specter, Wayne Smith.
Cinematographer: John Arthur Morrill (as John A. Morrill).
Composer: Maurice Jarre.


Many thanks to Matt for the copy. This is a rip from the Laserdisc release and looks a bit better than other copies I’ve seen.

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