Tsuburekakatta migime no tame ni (1968) AKA For the Damaged Right Eye


A helter skelter of late 60’s counter-culture psychedelia played in two separate screens, images of student riots, drag queens getting ready for a night in town, fires, juxtaposed against swinging hippies, Japanese women casually arranging their wardrobe, people commuting to work, and various cartoon strips, all this played over a collage of news report snippets telling about the Communist threat, radio recordings, Rolling Stones, Japanese pop tunes, and Hitler speeches, while flickering images of fires and disfigured babies flash over the screen now and again. It’s all pretty anarchic and adds up to no concrete narrative but it all makes sense in a purely audiovisual way.

Director: Toshio Matsumoto. AKA For the Damaged Right Eye
Writer: Toshio Matsumoto.
Cinematographer: Tatsuo Suzuki.
Composer: Kuniharu Akiyama.


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