Kiss the Boys Goodbye (1941)


In this musical, producers begin searching for a real southern belle to star in a Broadway production. The two are forced to hear a woman’s audition and agree to let her have the lead. She is soon fired, but is pursued by the producer who has fallen in love with her. Songs include: “Find Yourself a Melody,” “I’ll Never Let a Day Go Past,” “Kiss the Boys Goodbye,” “That’s How I Got My Start,” and “Sand in My Shoes.”

Director: Victor Schertzinger.
Writers: Clare Boothe Luce (play), Dwight Taylor, Harry Tugend.
Stars: Don Ameche, Mary Martin, Virginia Dale, Oscar Levant, Barbara Jo Allen, Raymond Walburn, Elizabeth Patterson, Jerome Cowan, Connee Boswell, Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson, John Scott Trotter, Minor Watson, Harry Barris, George Reed, Thelma Long, Alice Ludes, Dottie Messmer, Denny Wilson, Virginia Erwin, Bobbie Canvin.
Cinematographer: Ted Tetzlaff.
Composer: Victor Young (uncredited).


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