Mathilukal (1990) AKA The Walls


Based on an autobiographical novelette by the well-known Kerala writer Basheer, this is a love story, set in a prison cell the 40s, between the imprisoned Basheer and a woman from the neighbouring prison compound. They are separated by a high wall so that they never see each other and have to devise ingenious ways of communicating. Produced for TV, the story is played out in confined spaces with a sense of claustrophobia and suppressed violence which enhances the emotional impact of the moving love story.

Director: Adoor Gopalakrishnan. AKA The Walls / മതിലുകൾ
Writers: Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (novel), Adoor Gopalakrishnan.
Stars: Mammootty, Ravi Vallathol, Thilakan, Krishnan Kutty Nair, Azeez, Jagannatha Varma, Murali, Karamana Janardanan Nair, Sreenath, Vembayam Thampi, Ravi Vallathol, Babu Namboothiri, B.K. Nair, Vembayam Thampi, Azeez, Aliyar, Krishnan Kutty Nair, P.C. Soman, Krishnan Kutty Nair, Kallada Vijayan, Punnapra Appachan, T. Sudhakaran, Rayhu, P.I. Jacob, Matthew, Santosh, P. Ganga, Somasekharan Nair, Krishnakumar, Kurup. K.P.S., Shanmukham Pillai, Kaladharan, Bhaskaran Nair, M.R. Gopakumar, T.K. Ajayakumar, Gopan, Balakumar, Rajan Manarakkayam, Raju, Gopalakrishnan, Gopinathan Nair.
Cinematographer: Mankada Ravi Varma (as Ravi Varma).


Note: Only hardsubbed copy available on source.

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