Colloque de chiens (1977) AKA Dogs' Dialogue


This hilarious film alternates three kinds of material: footage of barking dogs, shots of streets and other locations, and a ludicrously overdetermined melodramatic story, illustrated chiefly by a series of stills (and occasionally by shots in motion) and narrated off-screen. The net result of its combined strategies is to reveal melodrama itself as a pure formal mechanism, with characters and plot reduced to the status of necessary props.

Director: Raúl Ruiz (as Raoul Ruiz).
Writers: Nicole Muchnik, Raúl Ruiz (as Raoul Ruiz).
Stars: Eva Simonet (voice), Silke Humel, Frank Lesne, Marie Christine Poisot, Hugo Santiago, Genevieve Such, Laurence Such, Michel Such, Pierre Olivier Such, Yves Wecker
Cinematographer: Denis Lenoir.
Composer: Jorge Arriagada (as Sergio Arriagada).


Download in MP4 (French narration version w/Eng. hardsubs)

          Download in MKV (Src. file w/Eng&Fr audio & Eng, Ru, & Pt. softsubs)

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