Helicopter (2001)


Writer-director Ari Gold’s 21-minute short film, HELICOPTER, recounts in impressionistic detail the aftermath of his mother Melissa’s death in the helicopter crash that also killed her boyfriend, promoter Bill Graham. Employing a narrative pastiche that includes acted vignettes, a black-and-white animated re-creation of the crash itself, poignant answering-machine voice-over and personal photos, Gold deftly conveys the fractured nature of loss: how memory, despair, indignation and even elation surge and recede in the mourning mind.

Director: Ari Gold.
Writer: Ari Gold.
Stars: Kevin Abrams, Margie Stokley, David Creamer, Garry Goodrow, Michael Ahmed, Jovana Brown, Melanie Cadam, Daniel Posner, Matt Scott, Carol Dysinger, Steve Rassin, Ben Freedman, Kevin Kuhlke, Nina Gold, Ari Gold.
Cinematographer: Andrij Parekh.
Composer: Ethan Gold.


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