Layin’ Low (1996)


On the highway of life, Jerry’s at a dead-end. Unemployed and still living at home with his parents, this thirty-three year old loser has no drive to better his life. That’s all about to change. A fateful drug deal gone bad transforms Jerry overnight into the cop’s number one murder suspect and the mob’s primary target. With a sack full of drugs and a budding romance at stake, Jerry could get a life… or lose it. Either way, it will be the ride of his life.

Director: Danny Leiner.
Writer: Danny Leiner.
Stars: Jeremy Piven, Eddie Falco, Louise Lasser, Frank John Hughes, Alanna Ubach, Paul Sand, Lenny Venito, Paul Schulze, Lou Ferguson, Arthur Halpern.
Cinematographer: Jim Denault.
Composer: Evan Lurie.


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