Tunnel Vision (1976)


A committee is selected to investigate the first day of broadcasting of a television channel that, for the first time in the United States, broadcasts its programming without any type of censorship. Through advertisements, self-produced programs and other content, we will immerse ourselves in the television of the future, although it will not be to everyone’s taste.

Directors: Neal Israel, Bradley R. Swirnoff.
Writers: Michael Mislove, Neal Israel.
Stars: Phil Proctor, Beans Morocco, Howard Hesseman, Stephen Feinberg, Ron Silver, Roberta Kent, Edwina Gough, James Bacon, Ernie Anderson, Kurt Andon, Lorry Goldman, Lynne Marie Stewart, Gerrit Graham, Pamela Toil, Gene Pistilli, Demitri Ponse, Lois Samuels, Rick Hurst, Anne Monaghan, Sam Riddle, Betty Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Mary McCusker, Pat Proft, Murphy Dunne, Rowby Goren, Bart Williams, Roger Bowen, Tim Leglaire, Ron Prince, John Candy, Christopher Pray, Rick Nyles, Al Franken, Nellie Bellflower, Tom Davis, Frank von Zerneck, Doug Steckler, Leonard Goren, Fannie Zaslawsky, Wayne Satz, Rebecca Brooks, Garroth Tooke, William Schallert, Frank Asesia, Howard Storm, Paul Kronick, Bob McClurg, Michael Mislove, Julie Mannix, Francis von Zerneck, Danielle von Zerneck, Ira Miller, Laraine Newman, Vinnie Milina, Terri Siegel, Bill Saluga, Rigg Kennedy, Neal Israel, Rod Gist, Jose Kent, Jimmy Martinez, Michael Overly, J. Michael Popovich, Edward D. Markley, Bo Kaprall, Larry Gelman, Barry Michlin, Danny Goldman, Joe Warfield, Danny Dark, Joe Roth, Kurt Taylor, Chevy Chase, C.D. Taylor, Aim, Mchen, Cary Hoffman, Dody Dorn, Laura Kaye, William Woodson, Tim McIntire, Dick Tufeld.
Composers: Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter.
Cinematographer: Don Knight.


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One Comment

  1. Shel
    April 1, 2024

    Had some great legendary funny people in this so it’s too bad it wasn’t better overall. The sketches were very hit and miss, mostly misses. But there were a few that did make us laugh so I give it points for that.

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