La mort d’un bûcheron (1973) AKA The Death of a Lumberjack


Marie Chapdelaine leaves her rural Quebec village and travels to Montreal to find her estranged lumberjack father who disappeared seven years ago. She meets Armand St-Amour, a former friend of her father and the owner of a country-and-western bar called the Rodeo Club. Armand takes the opportunity to exploit the naive and innocent young girl and tells her that if she works for him as a topless singer he will put her in touch with her father’s mistress who will know where he is. 

Director: Gilles Carle. AKA The Death of a Lumberjack
Writers: Gilles Carle, Arthur Lamothe.
Stars: Carole Laure, Willie Lamothe, Daniel Pilon, Pauline Julien, Marcel Sabourin, J. Léo Gagnon, Roger Lebel, Ernest Guimond, Jacques Gagnon, Gil Laroche, Jacques Bouchard, Yvonne Diabo, Eugene Lahache, Marcel Fournier, Denise Filiatrault.

Composers: Tristan Hansinger, Willie Lamothe, Chick Peabody, Peter Van Ginkel.
Cinematographer: René Verzier.

1973 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Palme d’Or.



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    December 10, 2022

    I remember the huge attention when this came out during the 1970s influx of Canadian films here in the US. That same influx brought us the great KAMOURASKA in truncated form. This was then titled MARIE CHAPDELAINE in reference to the Quebecois classic book MARIA CHAPDELAINE from which it takes its themes and inspiration. I’m guessing to distinguish it from the many other faithful adaptations, the title has returned to its original. Thanks Jon, for the opportunity to finally see this.

  2. Jonathan Shapiro
    December 10, 2022

    Love these Quebec classics as well. So sad how a ton of Canadian cinema gens have never had DVD releases. There is a real indifference to the country’s film legacy

  3. Wolfgang Jahn
    December 14, 2022

    Finally! I’ve been wanting to see this for a very loooong time, thanx so much!

    I knew that Carole is beautiful, but here she is a real stunner!! 👏👏👍👍💞💗💕

  4. Wolfgang Jahn
    December 14, 2022

    39:16 she would not have to ask me twice … back then … but she’d not have had any reason for such a wish anyway. 🤣😂😍

  5. Wolfgang Jahn
    December 21, 2022

    “Makes no damn sense” says a character at 1:47:45 and that actually sums it up.

    I really had high expectations watching this, always having been fond – and still am – of Canadian 60ies and 70ies fare, but this is a HUGE disappointment. The problem is that it really starts out well, the first app. half hour is pretty good, Carole is a great to watch, the story still makes sense and it moves along at some “speed”. The next half hour or so is also watchable, but then it falls apart, and not just a bit, but completely. The last 40 or so minutes are a total drag, making no sense at all, see a above, and that last 10 minutes monologue is just awful. Obviously they did ot have the dough to show what’s being told, but wanted to get it out, so a monologue telling what happened instead of showing it seemed the “bright” idea. Awful!

    Skip it, watch Carole doing her thing in the first half hour, then quit. After that it is all downhill, and steep.

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