Nails (1992)


Streetwise, tough cop “Nails” Niles and his partner are lured into a deathtrap from which only Niles survives. Obsessed with finding his partner’s murderer, Niles burrows deep into the underground of the L. A. crime scene to find the guilty parties at any cost.

Director: John Flynn.
Writer: Larry Ferguson.
Stars: Dennis Hopper, Anne Archer, Tomas Milian, Keith David, Carlos Carrasco, Charles Hallahan, Jay Acovone, Earl Billings, Cliff De Young, Luis Antonio Ramos, Raymond Cruz, Juan Fernández, Teresa Crespo Hartendorp, Brian Markinson, John Hawkes, Martha Velez, Danny Trejo, Raoul N. Rizik, Jay Della, Dale Harimoto, Lyvingston Holmes, Sharon Holmin, Ed Petsche, Philip Stephen Spencer, Richard Tanner, Church Ortiz, Mimi Champlin, Melissa Berger, Billy Hayes, Vincent J. Burns, Roger Callard, Joyce Matlock, Jarvais Hudson.
Composer: Bill Conti.
Cinematographer: Mac Ahlberg.


Note: VHSRip, and not a very good one, if anyone out there has a better transfer of this one, maybe a rip from the Laserdisc, please contact me so I can upgrade it, I think Dennis Hopper deserves better!

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  1. Carlos
    January 5, 2024

    Link is broken

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