The Storyteller (1977)


Ira Davidoff is a successful television writer who pens a tale in which one of the characters commits arson. A young and impressionable boy watches this TV drama–and shortly afterward dies in a fire of his own making. The boy’s attorney, in concert with several politicians and “clean TV” advocates, holds Davidoff’s script responsible for the tragedy.

Director: Robert Markowitz.
Writers: Richard Levinson, William Link.
Stars: Martin Balsam, Patty Duke, Doris Roberts, James Daly, Rose Gregorio, Jon Korkes, Dick Anthony Williams, Tom Aldredge, David Spielberg, James Staley, Peter Masterson, Milt Kogan, Ivan Bonar, Susan Adams, Shelby Balik, Richard LePore, Nina Wilcox, Lieux Dressler, Louis St. Louis.
Composers: Hal Mooney, David Shire.
Cinematographer: Terry K. Meade (DP).


Another very rare and very hard to find ’70s TV movie right here, many thanks to Jack for sending me a copy of it. As usually happens with rarities like this one the quality is not very good and imperfections exist in both audio and video but it’s still quite watchable.

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