Murder in Reverse (1945) AKA Query


Tom Masterick, a dock worker, is wrongfully convicted of a murder charge. His death sentence is commuted to a long prison term. When released as an old man, he vows to find the real killer.

Director: Montgomery Tully. AKA Query.
Writers: Austin Small (novel “Query”), Montgomery Tully.
Stars: William Hartnell, Jimmy Hanley, Chili Bouchier, Brefni O’Rorke, John Slater, Dinah Sheridan, Petula Clark, Kynaston Reeves, John Salew, Edward Rigby, Ben Williams, Ethel Coleridge, Maire O’Neill, Wylie Watson, Scott Sanders, Maudie Edwards, Cyril Smith, K. Lung, Paul Ley, Vi Kaley, Ellis Irving, Hendry White, Aubrey Mallalieu, Alfred Harris, Sonny Miller, Johnny Catcher, Ivor Barnard, Dick Francis, Peter Gawthorne, Geoffrey Denys, Cyril Luckham.
Composer: Hans May.
Cinematographer: Ernest Palmer (DP).


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