Destiny to Order (1989)


A writer starts running into the characters he’s created in real life. Alberta is his fantasy woman, who starts out as a sexy rock singer. However, when the bad guy in his novel gets his hands on the manuscript and starts making changes of his own, they are all in for a wild ride.

Director: Jim Purdy.
Writer: Jim Purdy.
Stars: Stephen Ouimette, Alberta Watson, Victoria Snow, Michael Ironside, George Buza, Denis Forest, Hrant Alianak, Ingrid Veninger, Lee-Max Walton, Stewart Bick, Maria Vacratsis, A.C. Peterson, Jane Luk, Daniel Barnes, Michael St. Clair, Micah Barnes, Paul Taylor, Jefferson Mappin, Richardo Keens-Douglas, Richard Sali, Robbie Rox, Mark Melymick, Heather-Lynne Meacock, Arthur Corber, Sean Ryerson, Roy Sallows, Kevin Rushton, Janet Land, Carson T. Foster.


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