Gyerekbetegségek (1965) AKA Children's Sicknesses


The life of a first grader is difficult: he has to attend school, do homework and flee from his uncle who always wants to wrestle with him. It’s a good thing his imagination is always ready to help out and he can always count on his little girlfriend, Zizi. The playfulness of French New Wave had a major influence on the first full-length feature film of the two young directors Ferenc Kardos and János Rózsa. The film is full of classical burlesque gags and borrows freely from the effects toolbox so as to make all the more palpable the imagination of a child wondering at the world around him.

Director: Ferenc Kardos, János Rózsa. AKA Children’s Sicknesses
Writers: Ferenc Kardos, János Rózsa.
Stars: István Géczy, Tünde Kassai, Emil Keres, Judit Halász, Béla Horváth, Éva Tímár, Dóri Patz, Mária Mamusich, Irma Patkós, Márta Bakó.


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One Comment

  1. can
    September 10, 2023

    What a delightful, well balanced film. Takes the viewer through a long, diverse list of possible influences and still manages to bring out an original composition.
    It was the first feature film for co-directors, both in their late 20s at the time of release. Curious to see later work, of János Rózsa in particular. However, all appear to be rarities.

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