Sylvie (1973)


Fashion model Sylvie falls asleep drunk in the cab of Munich taxi driver Paul, and an impossible love affair beckons. Renegade director Klaus Lemke had previously startled German TV audiences with the biker drama Rocker, announcing an unprecedented, unvarnished freshness and authenticity with nonprofessional actors, real dialect and on-the-fly style. In Sylvie, he adds a disarming tenderness.

Director: Klaus Lemke.
Writer: Klaus Lemke.
Stars: Sylvie Winter, Paul Lys, Del Negro, Ivan Desny, Guido Mangold, Werner Bokelberg, Flory Jacobi, Edelgard Klages, Bill McCartney, Edelgard Klages, Renate Möller, Heinz Badewitz, Fritz Pauli, Peter Böhlke, Stefan Abendroth, Dennis O. Heinrich, Gisela Räder, Daniel Spiegel.


RIP Klaus Lemke (1940-2022)

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