Rocker (1972)


In Hamburg, West Germany, a rocker biker gang helps a kid avenge his brother who was murdered by a rival gang, a mortal enemy of rocker gangs.

Director: Klaus Lemke.
Writer: Klaus Lemke.
Stars: Hans-Jürgen Modschiedler, Gerd Kruskopf, Michael-Thomas Krannich, Paul Lys, Marianne Mim, Heidrun Rieckmann, Dennis O. Heinrich, Joe Ebel, Dieter Lennssen, Ole Jürgens, Thomas Dunker, Marianne Quast, Walter Zahn, Eva Pampuch, Die Bloody Devils.


RIP Klaus Lemke (1940-2022)

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  1. Torsten
    July 26, 2022

    This the Hamburg Germany Film!

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