Nippon no kuroi natsu – Enzai (2001) AKA Darkness in the Light


The hero is Toshio Kanbe, a middle-aged salaryman with a typical family (wife, two teenage children), living quietly in a provincial city (Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture), who wakes up one morning in the summer of 1994 to find himself the prime suspect in the biggest mass-murder case of the decade. Someone, somehow, released clouds of poison gas that killed seven and sickened nearly 600 people in his apartment building and neighborhood.

Director: Kei Kumai. AKA Darkness in the Light / 日本の黒い夏ー冤罪.
Writers: Koichi Hiraishi, Kei Kumai.
Stars: Kiichi Nakai, Akira Terao, Naomi Hosokawa, Nagiko Tôno, Yukiya Kitamura, Takayuki Katô, Renji Ishibashi, Kazuo Kitamura.


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