Broken Promise (1981)


Abandoned by their parents, the young children of the Clawson family are put in the care of local authorities. However, rather than being kept together, the siblings are sent to live at different homes. Tenacious Patty Clawson is determined to keep her brothers and sisters together, but the bureaucracy in place makes her quest almost impossible. Aided by social worker Bud Griggs, Patty tries to reunite her family, facing many obstacles along the way. 

Director: Don Taylor.
Writers: Kent Hayes (book), Stephen Kandel (teleplay), Alex Lazzarino (book).
Stars: Chris Sarandon, Melissa Michaelsen, George Coe, McKee Anderson, David Haskell, Sondra West, Marc Alaimo, C.J. Hincks, Tristine Schmukler, John McCaffrey, Erika Katz, Canaan Crouch, Jessie Lee Fulton, Irma P. Hall, William H. Burkett, Nik Hagler, Rose-Mary Rumbley, Norma Young, Jeanie Capps, Randy Moore, Helena Humann, Tony Frank, Harlan Jordan, Miles Mutchler, Jude Johnson, Lisa Oz, Missi Hutchins, Norman Colvin.


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