Six Hours to Live (1932)


In this off-beat sci-fi film, an outspoken diplomat is murdered during an international trade conference. This is a terrible blow for his native country because the ambassador had come to stop his country from signing a treaty that would allow their enemy to exploit them. To prevent this from happening, a helpful scientist offers to temporarily revive the diplomat–the catch is that the ambassador can only remain resuscitated for six hours.

Director: William Dieterle. AKA 6 Hours to Live.
Writers: Morton Barteaux & Gordon Morris (story “Auf Wiedersehen”), Jules Furthman (uncredited), Bradley King, Kathryn Scola (uncredited), Harry Segall (uncredited).
Stars: Warner Baxter, Miriam Jordan, John Boles, George F. Marion, Halliwell Hobbes, Irene Ware, Beryl Mercer, Edward McWade, John Davidson, Edwin Maxwell, Dewey Robinson.


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