Category: Sci-Fi

February 16, 2021 / Sci-Fi

Nuclear war breaks out and the staff and patients of a mental hospital take refuge in an underground bunker and accidentally get locked in. Discipline soon disintegrates and the patients, led by Richard, start to resist authority. Richard devises a scheme for a new social order where the sane will take no part.

November 24, 2020 / Fantasy

Mitamura Yuka is a normal, shy high school student… Except for the fact that she has psychic powers. When a new student with similar powers begins to show her skills, creating a force of psychic Nazi student enforcers, Yuka and her friends vow to stop her. But behind it all is a mysterious force that will put Yuka’s powers to the ultimate test!

November 21, 2020 / Sci-Fi

When a war-torn, suburban family struggles to survive in a dystopic future, they learn how little distinguishes humans from man’s best friend.

November 21, 2020 / Sci-Fi
November 21, 2020 / Sci-Fi

A warlord from Mars recruits an Earth industrialist with a Nazi past to manufacture weapons by means of which Mars can take over the Earth. Feature version of the 1951 movie serial “Flying Disc Man from Mars”.

November 14, 2020 / Sci-Fi

In the year 2011, a sophisticated Los Angeles Company, Nanolabs, prepares to advertise a cancer cure in the form of nano-engines, microscopic molecular machines which mutate and restore organic tissue cell by cell. Genius Buck Hogan starts to have serious doubts when lab animals start to die. Profit-greedy CEO Donald ignores him and devises human tests and news conferences…

November 14, 2020 / Sci-Fi

America is going to war and nuclear holocaust is an inevitablity. A group of friends retreat to a bomb shelter and try to come to terms with the changes in their lives that will occur after the bombing ceases.

November 14, 2020 / Documentary

The first part of the film — popular science — tells of recent (mid-1960s) achievements in the exploration of the Moon. Scientists discuss the hypothesis of the origin of the lunar maria, about the temperature of the lunar surface and the supposed properties of the lunar soil.
The second part of the film — science fiction — shows how the Moon in the near future will be developed by people from a hypothetical first lunar mission to lunar cities and laboratories.