Mabeopsadul (2005) AKA Magicians


The Magicians were a rock band. The guitarist of the band committed suicide three years ago. Several other members of the band that has meanwhile split up meet each other on a cold New Year’s Eve. It’s snowing. They hang around in a bar. Thinking of better times. The film was made in one shot. A filmic bravura piece. Maker Song Il-gon profited from the freedom of his commission to experiment with making a film without editing. This resulted in a beautiful play with the unity of place and action, as in the theatre, and a reflection on the time past of the story.

Director: Il-gon Song. AKA 마법사들 / Magicians.
Writer: Il-gon Song.
Stars: Hyun-Sung Jang, Kyung-hun Kang, Seung-bi Lee, Jeong Woong-in.


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