Lunch Box (1992)


High school graduates CC and Waldo get a job in a warehouse for the summer. On the first day on the job, CC’s lunchbox gets mixed up with a lunchbox full of cocaine. Hijinx and stupidity follow as the drug dealers try to get the lunchbox back.

Director: Yusuf Khan.
Writer: Jackie Napoli.
Stars: Ava Cadell, Warren Farina, Don Yanan, Sol Pavlovsky, Dawn Decker, Deke Anderson, Archie Gibson, Tricia Bowman, Dan Bachler, Greg Zekowski, Carol Cook, Steve Nero, Gretchen Stockdale, Jacqueline Gorman, Yeon Yi Rhee, Sam Challice, Meilani MacDonald, Kaycee Shull, Sara Cardenas, Andrew Willinger.


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