Suddenly (1996)


Just as Mary is about to take a romantic vacation with her boyfriend, a terrible accident leaves her paralyzed. Bitter and devastated by her condition, she shuns her friends, but with the help of Joe, a fellow paraplegic, she learns to embrace life and love again.

Director: Robert Allan Ackerman.
Writers: Phil Mishkin, Rick Podell, Michael Preminger.
Stars: Kirstie Alley, Jason Beghe, Colleen Camp, Nancy Cartwright, David Crosby, David Beecroft, Jason Bernard, Shaun Toub, W.W. Wilson, Alice Lo, Charles Noland, Manny Perry, Don Keith Opper, Victor Alfieri, Ann Weldon, Scott Burkholder, Jesse D. Goins, Lisa Robin Kelly, Kymberly Newberry, Nancy Becker-Kennedy, Paul Dallas, Chris Nielsen, Persia White, Rebecca O’Brien, Ron Recasner, David Carrera, Michael Leopard, Janet Eliber, Lorna Scott, Manner ‘Mooky’ Wahington, Michael Paul Chan, Anthony Russell.


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