The Wild World of Hasil Adkins (1993)


Documentary about the legendary musician and infamous wild man Hasil Adkins. Filming takes place in Adkins’ own yard, his shack, and at various concerts. Adkins is notable for helping create an entirely new form of rock/rockabilly/country fusion, which he plays entirely by himself (with a guitar and drums simultaneously).

Director: Julien Nitzberg.
Stars: Hasil Adkins, Art Fein, Billy Miller.


Note: Even though this documentary was only ever released on VHS this copy is much better than all other copies that can be found on the net (no interlacing nor audio sync issues), big thanks to Video Drome on okru for letting me share their rip here,  

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  1. Tony S.
    February 6, 2022

    Great post!

    Hasil Adkins is a legend in certain alternative music circles. This film features the late Billy Miller, who helped publicize Adkins through Kicks, the brilliant fanzine he founded with wife and fellow writer Miriam Linna.

    Hasil Adkins is clearly not for everyone, but he’s still beloved by lovers of early rock and roll and cut several legendary singles.

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