Seize the Time (1970)


Seize the Time was shot in the United States following the activities of the Black Panther Party. Antonello Branca’s film blends fiction and documentary. One only professional actor, Norman Jacobs, goes through simbolic pop visions of american imperialism set against real images like police combings, students marches, drills, interviews. it is an America where black people and above all Pathers are killed and repressed according to a precise plan. The film should have been screened at the Venice Film Festival but Branca prefered to withdraw it due to the unacceptable conditions set by the festival direction.

Director: Antonello Branca.
Writers: Antonello Branca, Raffaele De Luca, Joanna Miyamoto.
Stars: Norman Jacob.


Note: Copy from Italian TV broadccast, comes with hardcoded Italian subtitles but still better quality than what can be found on Youtube at the moment of this post.

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