Alegría (1999)


Frac, a mime who is suffering from a severe bout of depression, happens to meet a troupe of circus entertainers and immediately falls in love with one of the stars, Giulietta. But while his affection for Giulietta and admiration for the performers gives him a new lease on life, Giulietta’s father, the leader of the troupe, opposes the relationship and is determined to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Frac and Giulietta discover a gang of children who are held prisoner by a criminal leader who forces them to do his bidding, and they devise a plan to win the kids their freedom.

Director: Franco Dragone.
Writer: Rudy Barichello.
Stars: René Bazinet, Frank Langella, Mako, Julie Cox, Heathcote Williams, Brian Dewhurst, Clipper Miano, Andre Sleegers, Chip Bray, Matthias Krahnert, Steve Othman, Jade Fafienaie, Hervé Malombo.


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