Itineraire d’un enfant gate (1988) AKA Itinerary of a Spoiled Child


On a cloudy day in a small-town carnival, an unattended three-year-old boy with a small note in his hand cries inconsolably. As the years pass by, the same boy will start a career as an intrepid trapeze acrobat–and before long–he will reach the peak by being the biggest in his trade. Accomplished, with kids, wealth, and recognition, the man will quit the firm and his current lifestyle to set off on a solitary voyage of self-awareness in the vast landscapes of Africa, never to return. There, the most improbable friendship will start–and after two years of being presumed dead–a spark will rekindle, making him realise, that even if one has done and seen it all, he can be surprised by what life still has to offer. 

Director: Claude Lelouch. AKA Itinerary of a Spoiled Child.
Writer: Claude Lelouch.
Stars: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Richard Anconina, Lio, Béatrice Agenin, Michel Beaune, Pierre Vernier, Jean-Philippe Chatrier, Marie-Sophie L, Gila von Weitershausen, Michel Beaune, Pierre Vernier, Philippe Lorin, Annie Philippe, Céline Caussimon, Daniel Gélin, Alexis Gruss.

1989 Chicago International Film Festival – Nominated for the Gold Hugo.


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  1. Arie
    November 9, 2021

    Thanks, it was a good film there’s not enough Lelouch available in the English speaking world.

  2. Otto
    December 11, 2021

    I’ll second Arie’s comment. More Claude Lelouch always welcome, getting harder to find some online or on disc.

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