Hold-Up (1985)


Dressed as a clown, the clever rascal Grimm holds up the most secure bank of Montreal and takes 30 hostages. While confusing and ridiculing the police with his strange behavior, he calmly manages to rid the bank of a fortune. But then an unsatisfied companion arouses trouble…

Director: Alexandre Arcady.
Writers: Jay Cronley (novel), Alexandre Arcady, Daniel Saint-Hamont, Francis Veber.
Stars: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Kim Cattrall, Guy Marchand, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jacques Villeret, Jean-Claude de Goros, Tex Konig, Raymond Aquilon, Georges Carrère, Yvan Ponton, Guy Provost, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Richard Niquette, Yves Jacques, Sophie Stanke, Karen Racicot, Marguerite Corriveau, Michel Daigle, Marie-Chantal Labelle, Francis Reddy, Claude Sandoz, Liliane Clune, Louis-Georges Girard.


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  1. Vidor
    November 1, 2021

    I had no idea that “Quick Change” was a remake of a foreign film…a foreign film with Kim Cattrall in it, no less?

  2. Wolfgang Jahn
    February 6, 2023

    I’d so much love to see GINA, the debut by A. Arcady, which is on YT, but without English subtitles and I do not understand French … 😭😭

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